The 3 Best Films Of Lavanya Tripathi



Telugu films are more fascinating nowadays among viewers of the Telugu industry. The online watching viewers love thrilling, action-oriented, comedy, and romantic films. Hence, the demand and expectations for these films are high. The present generation has become very fast and they need to watch films online. Many online platforms have come forward for online movie watching viewers. Many quality films are now screened with the help of online platforms for viewers. Lucrative business by watching movies online is inevitable for present producers. You can watch here slogan everywhere online for movies which you like

LavanyaTripathi is a leading actor in the Telugu industry for his prowess in acting. Her films are liked by the Telugu audience mostly and she has ruled the Telugu cinema world for many years. Her entry into the Telugu film industry in the year 2012 is exceptional. She has acted in many films and most of her films are blockbusters. Her classical dance skills are world-class and topnotch without a second thought. Her films are now loved by online movie viewers very eagerly and constantly. She also did some roles in social cause advertisements for the government without any salary. She belongs to Uttar Pradesh state.

ArjunSuravaram is a Telugu action thriller and the story is based on action drama. The lead actors of the film are Siddharth and LavanyaTripathi. The songs of the film are spoken for a long time and the music was scored by sam. The film is a remake of a Tamil film Kanithan and this film has done a good business in the box office. The movie was directed by Santhosh and produced by Rajkumar. The cinematography was handled by Surya. The four songs of the film are evergreen and liked by most of the viewers/

Doosukeltha is a blockbuster film made in Telugu and released in the year 2013. The film was considered very important by viewers to their hearts. Hence, the great success of the film is possible in the Telugu industry. The revenue collection of this film is incredible and had a huge welcome among viewers. The actors of the film are Vishnu Manchu and LavanyaTripathi. The music of the film was scored by Mani Sharma and the movie was directed by Veerupotla. The film was produced by Mohan babu. The story starts with the betting nature of Vishnu in his childhood days.

Lacchimdeviki O Lekkundi is a comedy Telugu film featuring top actors like LavanyaTripathi and Naveen Chandra. The director of the movie is JagadeeshTalasila and the movie was produced by Sai Prasad. The film is based on the love between Naveen and Devi who work in a bank together. The music of the film was scored by Keeravani. The total duration of the film is about 110 minutes and the movie had been a great success in the box office. Not only love, but the action part of the story dealing with data-stealing is hair rising for movie watching viewers.

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