Peter Max – Meet a Global Iconic Artist in Pop Art

Peter Max - Meet a Global Iconic Artist in Pop Art


When one sees pop art, they find that it has a lot of colors, bold themes, and styles. This form of art is popular and well-loved by people across the globe. It draws inspiration from daily life and is considered a vibrant form of expression among art lovers.

Peter Max – Meet an iconic name in the world of pop art

Peter Max is no stranger when it comes to pop art, not only in the USA but across the globe. His pieces of art are so popular that they have graced art galleries across the globe. He has been painting for over 50 years and surely shows no signs of stopping. He says that he draws inspiration from everything he sees. He is creative and does his best to present his imagination on canvas. He has the experience of working with many surfaces and is the recipient of a number of global awards for his contribution to the world of art.

How did his journey begin?

He was born in 1937 and lived in Shanghai as a child with his parents. His home was close to a Buddhist monastery that later influenced him to a great extent. His family later moved to China and Tibet. However, when the army of Mao-Tse-Tung started to move towards Shanghai, the family shifted to Israel. Later he lived in Africa and India. He moved to Paris for about six months before finally coming to the USA permanently. He has been living in America for several years and has created some inspirational artwork for the nation that has won him many accolades and awards.

Passionate about music and art

He is passionate about music, especially jazz and art. He believes that both these forms of expression complement each other. This is why one can actually see how he has used music as an inspiration for the music album- covers he created for prominent bands like The Beatles and others in the USA. He says that he “hears” colors, and this is how he manages to blend them together to create a unique symphony of art.

Widely respected and loved in the art world

The art fraternity in the nation has widely loved him. He was a very good friend of Ringo Starr and George Harrison of The Beatles and painted many portraits of them and the band. He was a friend to some Presidents of the USA like Ronald Reagan. The former President of the USA acquired 42 paintings of this talented artist before becoming President of the USA. Later, he added more to his collection, and the number of artworks rose to 80 paintings.

When it comes to art and creative forms of expression, in the opinion of Peter Max, there is plenty of inspiration around. He not only paints for passion, but he paints for social causes as well. He is an environmentalist, a vegan, and an animal rights activist. He is also the inspiration for Neo Max, the apparel brand that has been named after him in the USA!

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