Music Recording 101: Recording Acoustic Guitar

Recording Acoustic Guitar


Recording acoustic guitar is about the guitarist performance. The most crucial factor in recording an acoustic guitar is the player himself. An excellent performance executed with a skilled guitarist is the key.

Aside from the guitar player, the next factor is the instrument itself. So, a combination of a great guitar player and the instrument itself is the perfect formula to have a quality sound output.

You don’t need an expensive guitar instrumental in making a quality sound. As long as the guitar player has the skills and quality performance, then the result is superb. You may use mixing instruments; there are several stock plugins that you can utilize. You don’t need any fancy and expensive set-up to produce high-quality sounds, an essential thing in recording acoustic guitar is the player’s performance, the instrument, and the mic.

Below are the following tips to achieve an excellent outcome for recording acoustic guitar:

1. Appropriate Seating Posture

If possible, pick a chair where your arms can move freely, either go down or removed. A stool chair is also a great option. Choosing this option can give you full mobility while holding your guitar.

This is important, especially if you have a singer with you; the goal is to make them feel comfortable. Also, make sure that your chosen seat doesn’t create any creaky sound while having a recording session; this will only ruin the mood.

2. Correct Mic Stand

An appropriate mic stand for recording acoustic guitar is a double boom. Choosing this stand can keep the weight on the back, so the mic doesn’t droop. You might think that this tip is not needed, but you’ll realize that the sound will be different if it moves. Also, any small changes will affect the recorded music.

So, make sure to have an appropriate mic stand available on melbourne recording studios so it won’t droop or flick.

3. Wear Comfortable Clothing

When choosing a cloth for the recording date, make sure that you don’t wear an extravagant outfit that can hit the guitar. Be mindful, don’t wear anything that can hindrance the mic stand or hit the guitar, so the singer won’t need to adjust.

4. Mic Choice

There are small-diaphragm condensers such as Neumann or AKG 451 that are perfect for acoustic instruments. They are more detailed and precise in the high end for every sound like hi-fi or 3D which is currently on-trend today.

Moreover, depending on the type of mic you’re using, the output sound you’re looking will vary depending on the mic position. For example, a prominent single mic position can be placed anywhere as long as the neck stand meets the body of the guitar. But if you aim for a fuller sound, then placing the mic at the bridge near the guitarist’s hand is the best option.

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