Autograph Appraisals – What is the Worth of an Autograph

Autograph Appraisals


Those who collect autographs regularly state it is very important for you to know its worth before buying or selling the item. Experts in the field have several years of credible experience state that if you are a beginner in collecting autographs, you must know the worth of an autographed photo or item before you add it to your collection. In short, never take an autograph at face value- you need to ensure it is worth the cost and most important whether it is genuine or not. Now the question that arises in your mind is how?

Autograph appraisals – How much is your autograph worth?

When it comes to autograph appraisals, you need to contact a genuine autograph dealer first. There are autograph dealers online to help you evaluate the worth of your autograph. You need to contact them first and show them your autograph in order to an accurate estimate on how much your autograph is really worth it.

Make sure the autograph is not a reprint

There are several fraudulent people selling reprint autographs in the market. You must ensure you do not fall prey to these scams. Experts say if you closely examine the signature of a reprint photograph, you will notice that its signature is generally below the surface of the glossy section of a photo and looks very flat. They generally test a photo at angles that are quite close to bright sources of light. An autograph that is real will tend to reflect in a different way over the rest of the surface.

Assess the value of an autograph with expert professionals

Many factors assess the value of an autograph. The first being to whom the autograph belongs to. If the person is a famous Hollywood star, political figure, athlete, etc. in both the past and present, the worth of the autograph will be more. The next factor that determines the value of an autograph is the item on which it is signed on.  For instance, if the signature is on paper over a set prop or a sports item, it valued at a lesser price. However, if the item is a letter or a handwritten note or sketch by a famous artist, it will give you a lot of money.  One should also look at the condition of the signature, and the item as these factors too influence the worth of an autograph.

Last but not the least when it comes to autograph appraisals, if the signature was done with ink, the item will fetch a higher price over pencil signatures. The reason being that pencil signatures on the item fades with the passage of time, but the ink has the ability to last for life. Therefore, when you are determining the worth of an autograph, keep the above factors in mind as they will help you determine what your autograph is really worth. Bank on autograph dealers who are experienced and skilled in the above field to help you know what your autograph is really worth!

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