Why Turkish Beach Towel is Perfect for Your Beach OOTD

Turkish Beach Towel is Perfect for Your Beach OOTD


The Turkish beach towel is creating its noise over Instagram these days. Many travelers, especially beach lovers, are using the Turkish beach towel to glorify their current beach OOTDs. Turkish towels are known for producing a 100% pure cotton, which can be very convenient for drying. Plus, it is fast absorbent, and most importantly, it provides a softness that other towels don’t have.

The Turkish beach towel is also known as Hammam or Peshtemal towels. It is traditionally hand-woven fabrics that play an essential role in the traditional Hammam bath in Turkey. The primary material of the towel is made from super lightweight cotton and can dry up any liquid quicker compared to a terry-cotton. Plus, turkish beach towels online offer a variety of bright colors that comes with a beautiful pattern. Also, sand doesn’t stick to the towel; that’s why it is a perfect combination in any bikinis or beach ootds.

Here are the reasons why you should use the Turkish beach towel:

1. Durable

Aside from its softness, a Turkish beach towel also offers durability. As mentioned earlier, this towel is 100% made from Turkish cotton that has extra-long fibers. When a towel is made from this type of fiber, it gives stronger cotton threads which makes them more durable compared to other fabrics.

2. Trendy and Fashionable

If you love to mix and match, the Turkish beach towel is perfect for you. Bikinis, swimsuits and other swimming wears will surely fit the quirky patterns and designs of this towel. Most Turkish towels are made from colorful and bright patterns that will surely match your current ootd’s.

Not only that but wearing a Turkish towel can make you look fashionable and lively. It is not only useful for providing softness, but it is also perfect for delivering beauty.

3. Ideal for Travel

Since Turkish towels are absorbent, they can air dry quickly, which makes them perfect for bringing in every travel. You don’t need to pack a wet towel in the bag if you use Turkish towels.

You can also use them to keep you warm on the plane. You may use this a blanket or a scarf to provide comfort. Besides, Turkish beach towel is often thicker and warmer compared to other types of towels.

4. Versatile

Aside from being a blanket, cover-up, and a scarf, a Turkish beach towel can also be used to simplify your home. You may replace your overly bulky bath towels into a thin Turkish towel. Since the towel is made from ultra-lightweight cotton, you can easily roll them up compactly in a closet which can give you a much cleaner closet.

Not only that, since the towels are so versatile, you can use them as a decoration in the house by hanging them on a hook. You may also use this in the bathroom as a quick-drying towel.

5. Super Absorbent And Dries Faster

Compared to other types of fabrics and towels, Turkish beach towels can be more absorbent with proper care. The extra-long fibers of the towel make the water quickly absorb into it.

Aside from its super absorbent capability, a Turkish beach towel can quickly dry up, which makes them perfect for traveling (refer to number 3). You can dry them up on low heat or let them hang to air dry.

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