Disney World Tips – Ways to Save Money at Your Disney World Trip

Disney World Tips


Knowing some Disney World tips for saving some money can turn your Disney World trip from the expensive adventure to the affordable one. If you do not need to worry about money that you are spending, it is simple to have fun and relax. Without doing any research &planning before you visit the Main Street, you will find that you have spend much more than you actually wanted. Everywhere in Disney World, there are huge opportunities of spending money– snacks, souvenirs, meals, drinks, or other things that attract you from all ways.

Use some Stay Promo’s Disney list that will help you save some money at your Disney World trip:


There’re a lot of variables while it comes about lodging in Disney World. Generally, on-site resorts are highly expensive than ones, which are off-site. But, there are some budget accommodations too, and if you factor in cost of the transportation or discounts accessible to people who stay on-site, this can be much cheaper in a long run. Best method to get discounts over lodging is planning out your trip during off-season. It is generally during a month of January, August and period between Thanksgiving to Christmas. You will find some cheaper rates during weekdays in place of weekends. You need to do complete research on internet and make the list of cheapest hotels out there. After that call the hotels directly—and have unadvertised discounts to get the cheaper rate.

Disney Park Tickets

Buy the park tickets before going there. Tickets on the gate are the expensive ones. Search for the online discount sellers that will give you $10 to 20 off a day. Suppose you are staying on-site, then you may get the package deals that include cost of park tickets in a cost of the total vacation. You also can save by looking on the eBay for tickets. Sometimes, people buy tickets and do not use its full amount, thus they sell those extra days at the discounted price.

Eating in the Park

Food in Disney World is very expensive. You may easily spend over $50 on 2 adults and 1 child. Thus, you must try and seek out various ways to save some money on the food. Easiest way is bringing your food in the park. Suppose you pack your lunch, you may keep this in your lockers. The insulated lunch box can help to keep this cool. Also, you can plan the day to take break outside park during the meal times.

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