4 of the brightest Turkish series of 2018

Turkish Series


2018 is coming to an end, and it will be difficult for us to paradox some Turkish series that captured our hearts. This year, we got acquainted with a bouquet of wonderful series, with which we have lived cases of love, joy, sadness and suspense, how can we abandon them? Here are our choices for the top 4 Turkish series of 2018.

  • Explain, Red Sea

Since its debut, the series has had many successes. It revolves around a woman named “Nafas” who was forced to marry an early age from a violent and clemency man. In light of this injustice, she and her son try to escape many times, but to no avail. Tahir finally comes to help her, and the story changes in many ways.

  • Brawler

Kayla is a girl her father left at an early age. But after a while her father returns to take her and provide her with a better life and living conditions of luxury and luxury. So how does her life become with new students?

  • Blind love 2

More than 100 episodes of excitement, unlimited love, revenge, jealousy and passion! Kamal loves Nihan, and Nihan loves Kamal, but Nihan is married to Amir after being threatened and in order to protect her brother. But after meeting the two lovers, the passion returns and ignites their hearts. Many personalities enter, Kamal goes to prison, and many things develop but their love does not change. Will their relationship survive?

  • The virtue of Khanem and her daughters 2

Virtue story is not over yet! After learning that her young daughter was pregnant with her boyfriend, she decided to move from the neighborhood to ensure a better life for all of them. This series brings together a group of the brightest Turkish actors, at the same time romantic family events, affecting different segments of society.

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