4 types of earring closures are in trend right now

4 types of earring closures are in trend right now


Just like the designs in the earrings, the closures that are attached to them also in a variety of styles. Closures are primarily meant to hold the earring at its place and vary according to its design so that the weight of the earring is maintained. If you are searching for earrings for girls, then you can always search them on your favourite stores both online as well as offline and find the one that would suit you the best.

Here are the four different types of enclosures which are trending right now. Read more about them below:

Fish Hook

The fish hook closure is one of the most common ones which is used in danglers as well as drop earrings. The shape of this closure is similar to that of the fish hook but here the gemstone or the design of the earring is attached to the front of the hook that provides it the required balance to stay at the place. Fish hook is a delicate closure and is available in both real as well as artificial jewellery. However, just make sure that you do not play with the fish hook earrings as you have chances of getting them misplaced as they slide off easily.

Lever Backed

The lever backed style of closure is also referred to as an “omega back” as it possesses the shape of omega and tends to provide the earring a right balance and support. The particular type of closure can be found on the drop as well as dangler earrings and is usually carved out in metal that goes with the gemstone that is used in making the earring. The lever backed is often found in earrings that have loops or dangles. If you are someone who misplaces the earrings too often, then having the lever backed closure would keep them safe on your earlobes.


The kidney shaped closure provides a full support to the hanging portion of the earring and is used for giving an elongated effect to the earrings. It is often used with the lightweight earring pieces and goes well for everyday use when you do not want to wear something heavy. Kidney closures are perfect for round shaped faces as they give an elongated effect. However, you should be careful if you tend to have narrow face structure. You can find a wide variety of design in the hoop earrings ranging from the ones that have gemstones to the ones that are animal or floral characters which makes them quite quirky.


The hoop is a fully enclosed lock that it used in circular design earrings where and is one of the oldest designs in the closures that can be found in the jewellery market. The mechanism of the hoop earrings is such that the end of the earring slides into the hollow loop hole which gives it a complete continuous loop.

Well, this was all about the four different types of closures which are found in the earrings of different kinds. Although there are several other types of closures as well including French wire, push-back clips, studs, etc. If you are experimental with the design of these closures in the earrings for girls, then it is better that you choose the earrings in varied styles so that you wear them interchangeably. The best advice in this regard is to try out the different closures all by yourself and then select the one that you feel the most comfortable in.  You can even get the closure customised and get it adjusted so that it would balance your face proportionately.

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