Must-Have Earrings in Every Woman’s Closet

Must-Have Earrings in Every Woman’s Closet


Earrings bring out the personality and attitude of the wearer. It is more than an ornament. It is the first thing people notice. It lifts the aura of the person to a higher level when worn with a sense of fashion and aesthetics.

There are some staples of earrings that should find a place in every woman’s closet. More the variety, more creative we could get in expressing our flair for style.


This is a simple circular or semi-circular ring. It could be made from plain metal or embellishments in the form of stones, pearls, tassels. It pairs well with casuals, work-wear or party-wear.


Pearls are eternal beauties that go well with any kind of attire. Double pearl earrings add grace to a bride, elegance to working women and chic style to a bubbly teenager. Double-sided earrings in pearls are the latest trendsetter. They are both versatile and elegant.


Studs are much sought after by young and old alike. A simple metal button to a solitaire can save many an occasion where confusion over what to wear wears us down. Intricate filigree work, stone studded creations any myriad options are available. Ear cuffs are a good choice for teenagers. They are both versatile and elegant. 

Statement Pieces 

Bold statement pieces are sure-fire head-turners and it raises the glamorous quotient. Shiny, crystal or stone studded chandeliers are every time favourite. Experimenting with creative designs and gems is worth the task. Mid-length chain fringe and shoulder dusters maximize simplest of outfits.

Danglers and Drops 

It could be the multi-coloured feathered creation for the casual night-out at the disco. It could be Rhinestone drops or a combination of other colored gems to the Thanksgiving dinner. They come in an assorted combination of designs and materials to choose from. This is the best bet for anything other than formal occasions. 


Earrings complement the outfit we wear. There is always enough room in our closet for another pair of these cuties that pitches our fashion sense higher. Every occasion demands something different and outstanding and earrings are the perfect partners for that.


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