Rental Guide: Knowing the Spectrum of Car Size

Rental Guide: Knowing the Spectrum of Car Size


More and more people go to Poland for leisure or work these days. Regardless of your motivation, you need something to make speedy transactions in the form of Wynajem samochodów Poznań or what other people call car rental. Moving from Warsaw to other parts of Poland with ease is an important thing.

There are many car rental companies in Poland but finding a car that is suitable for your needs is a challenge. If you are familiar with car rental services, it is not really a challenge but for those who are new and want to try it, there is one thing that you have to know first: car size. Knowing the spectrum of car size is important because companies use different labels to indicate car size. It is critical that you know the size to avoid confusion and wrong bookings. Here’s your guide to identifying car size:

Small cars

If you hear economy, subcompact or compact cars, these are usually the standard labels for small cars. This type of car is suitable for 3 to 4 people with two to three suitcases. It has two or four doors and likely to be an automatic transmission. If you want this car size, you should choose between Hyundai Accent and Ford Focus as these cars are known to be cheap with good gas mileage.

Midsize cars

If you hear intermediate or standard cars, these are usually the labels for midsize cars. Midsize cars are in the form of Dodge Avenger or Ford Fusion. This type of car is suitable for 5 people with more room for luggage. As you know, these cars are not cheap also the gas mileage decreases.

Full-size cars

As the name suggests, full-size cars offer more storage and passenger capacity. Examples are Nissan Altima and Chevy Impala. These are usually four doors with different features like power locks, CD player, and AM/FM stereo.

Vans and pickups

Vans and pickups are full-sized cars. Vans and pickups are preferably used in rough terrains. If you also have more passenger and you need to haul other equipment, these cars are perfect. Examples are Dodge Grand Caravan and GMC Yukon. These are more expensive to rent plus their gas mileage is poor.

Premium cars

These are labels of luxury or specialty cars. These cars are usually rented for special functions like wedding, prom, and other parties.

There you go. You now know what these terms usually mean or cover. After identifying the size, the next thing that you need to do is to book online or through a call. Prior to your travel, you have to make arrangements especially if you are going for the peak season. During peak season, cars are usually expensive and sometimes not available. More importantly, when using the car, drive safely.

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