The Importance Of Keeping Oneself Warm And The Cloths, Such As Winter Inner For Men, That Are Used For Keeping Oneself Warm

The Importance Of Keeping Oneself Warm And The Cloths, Such As Winter Inner For Men, That Are Used For Keeping Oneself Warm


Keeping oneself warm is necessary since we humans are warm-blooded creatures. To keep oneself warm people try several methods – like wearing winter clothes which include winter inner for men and ladies, lighting a fire and using electric equipment which converts electricity into heat, but has you ever wondered what would happen if isn’t able to keep himself warm.

Stages of exposure to cold

The first sign of feeling cold is the uncontrollable chattering of teeth and shivering of the body. Then the body concentrates blood supply to the important inner organs- heart, liver, brain, and kidney, as a result of which the limbs of a person start to go numb. If a person does not manage to keep himself warm, then he would start to lose consciousness which will ultimately result in his death.

Common material used in winter cloths

The simplest method to keep oneself warm is to wear winter clothes, which includes articles like – Winter innerwear for ladies and men, sweaters, scarfs, parkas, long coats, hats, etc. The most common materials that are used for such clothing are –

  • Fur – It is the most resilient material towards cold. Extracted from animals like foxes, bears, badgers, squirrels, minx and other animals, fur is used ina variety of clothing articles. The application of fur is seen primarily in the regions near the poles, where other winter materials would fail to provide the warmth that fur does.
  • Tanned leather – Like fur, dried and tread skin of non-furry animals like cows and horses are also used for winter clothing. Leather is extensively used for winter boots, winter overcoats, hats and gloves
  • Cotton – The most common material but which provides the least warmth to the body, best suited as an winter inner for men and ladies
  • Wool – Extracted from sheep, it is the most common material to keep oneself warm. Like fur, it is also used extensively used in winter clothes, but unlike fur, it is primarily used in tropical regions of the world.

All these materials work by restricting the flow of heat from a person’s body to the outside environment, keeping the person warm in the process. Speaking of which,

Common winter clothes

Gloves – Gloves are intended to keep one’s hands warm and are usually made up of wool or leather

Scarf – Used to wear protect one’s mouth, neck, and ears, made from a variety of materials like fur, leather, cotton, and wool.

InnerwearWinter Inner wear for ladies and men are usually made up of wool or cotton or both

Long coats – Made up of wool, leather, cotton or fur, these provide warmth to the whole body of a person

Winter pants – Made up of wool, cotton or leather

Winter boots – Made up of leather, they keep a person’s foot warm.

The necessity of keeping oneself warm has created a wide variety of winter clothes and thus a whole new concept of ‘winter fashion’. So prepare for the coming winter in advance and shop.

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