Jim Feldkamp – How Does One Improve Their Skills in Nature Photography

Jim Feldkamp - How Does One Improve Their Skills in Nature Photography


Nature photography is a much-loved subject among amateur and professional photographers. They love to visit regions where they can capture amazing photographs of the landscape during different times of the day. When it comes to landscape and nature photography, most photographers, especially new ones, wish to know the secrets of how to take photographs with a “wow” factor. Nature photography enthusiasts like James Feldkamp in the USA say that photography is a creative art, and it all depends upon how the photographer is capturing the subject. However, one should note that the first basic rule of good photographs is practice- in short practice makes one perfect!

Jim Feldkamp – Improving nature photography skills 

James Feldkamp is also known as Jim Feldkamp,and he is widely respected as a talented nature and landscape photographer in the USA. He says that in order to become a good photographer, one should be aware of the basic rules of photography. It is prudent to enroll in a short course that teaches you about photography, or you may speak to professional photographers, to begin with. He says that one can start small and you do not have to buy a camera for capturing nature and landscape photography as and when you wish to. You can always start with a smartphone, to begin with. These days you get high tech smartphones in the market with excellent cameras. Once you have mastered the art of mobile photography, you may invest in a digital camera and later to a good quality DSLR for pursuing your love for photography.

Keep all your photographs in one place

James Feldkamp says that one should always tale photographs daily and keep them in a file or a blog. You can compare the earlier photographs with the latest ones. In this way, you can improve your photography skills. You can also show your photographs to professionals to get feedback. He points out that when you are taking photographs, you must note that one should never imitate the style of others. Every photographer has their own unique style and way of taking photographs. It is here that you should understand what your unique style is. In case you are not sure, you can always take the advice and guidance of professional photographers to evaluate your photos and give you an insight into the above. He recommends you take as many photos of your subject as much as possible to get an idea of your photography style so that you can improve on it with time!

Jim Feldkamp says that time of the day also influences nature photography. A picture of a landscape taken in the morning will look different from that taken in the evening. If you want to take amazing pictures of the same landscape, explore the place during the day time and the afternoon and evening time. In the night, make sure you use the night settings of your camera to take pictures. In this way, you effectively can capture some astonishing photographs of landscapes and nature with success!

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