On what principles do the florists works?

On what principles do the florists works?


Florists are keeping an important position for all kinds of daily life events. They are the ones who make our day more special. They decorate the area in such a way that works as icing on a cake. Roses are the most used flower for decoration. It is also known as a symbol of love. Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest days for all lovers in which people present rose to each other for expressing their love. This system is possible only with the help of florists. This is an internet era, where most of the work is done online. All types of facilities you can get over it even floral decoration or delivery of flowers to your home. Several websites provide their home services. They help the people in making someone’s birthday special. They take the responsibility of delivering flowers banquet with a cake for their dear ones. Online florists have many other responsibilities. Nowadays, the art of floral designing has become a vast industry. They also work for themed parties and choose the colour of flowers according to the decided theme. Purple hydrangea flowers are one of the most used flowers for themed parties. Many other flowers like lilies, roses, daisies, and tulips are the most common decorative flowers used for banquets, vase, etc. Good floral decoration attracts everyone’s attention. Florists leave no stone unturned to keep their clients fully satisfied. They make sure them about right time deliveries and decorations.

Floral designers not only use flowers for decoration while other plant elements also help in providing pleasing designs. Some florists follow only pre-formatted designs while a good and actual floral designer arranges the flowers into new arrangements and presents unique designs. By using the fundamental elements of floral designing they create new designs for decoration. Their creative ideas show the beautiful side of our nature. A good florist always works on some principles that make their work effective and impressive. These principles are the guidelines for them in creating pleasant and saleable designs. From selection to construction process they work with responsibility.

Principles of floral design:

  1. Balance: It is also called informal balance. An irregular distribution of material that affects the weight of the arrangement. It means there are some plant elements and flowers that have heavy-weight should be correctly balanced. This is a physical balance. A visual balance is somewhat that looks balance to our eyes.
  2. Interest: A good floral designer believes in eyes at first drawn which is cleanly designed.
  3. Harmony: A harmonious decoration gets after a balanced relation between a few components like shape, the material of plants, colour, texture etc.
  4. Proportion: For decoration, all the things must be used in good proportion.

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