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Hero Pleasure g


The Hero Pleasure was initially marketed as a scooter for women, and it was pretty popular for its lightweight construction and the very fact that it was aimed at the female audience in India. This contributed to its success for nearly two decades. However, the model hadn’t evolved for a very long time, until 2019 when a new model was launched with fresh styling and peppier motor. For 2020, Hero has launched the Pleasure Plus ‘Platinum’ edition at a price of ₹ 60,950. This is the second new launch after the Hero Glamour Blaze.

No-nonsense looks

Styling plays a key role in luring buyers, and the new design certainly looks appealing, but has some edges and panels that hint at scooters from the yesteryear. The headlamp has a distinctive shape to it and the bodywork has a smooth, clean look to it. The design is not common, and it looks rather cute viewed from the front. However, the scooter doesn’t feel particularly solid. The front apron tends to vibrate a bit as well. The Platinum special edition comes in a matte black shade and gets a pillion backrest. It also features chrome-finished mirrors, a dual-tone seat cover and brown inner panels. This scooter also comes equipped with a USB charging socket and an LED light under the seat. The instrument cluster is rather basic and there’s a halogen bulb powered headlamp as well.

Performance check

The new Pleasure Plus platinum edition gets a 110.9cc engine that produces 7bhp and 8.7Nm of torque. Crank the motor, and starts up and settles into a smooth idle. It picks up pace gradually and doesn’t sound gruff, but isn’t all that refined. The new scoot feels quicker and can reach a top speed of 90kph. Throttle response is mild and it doesn’t feature Hero’s i3S tech. Thanks to its small dimensions, it’s an easy scooter to ride and feels agile. However, stability isn’t all that great because of its small wheels. The Hero bikes have a drum brake and a trailing arm for the front suspension. The brakes work well, but the bite is stronger at the back. It soaks in the rough stuff quite well too.

Should you buy one?

The new Pleasure comes across as very user-friendly, easy-to-maintain and ride scooter that looks simple and cute. It may not be the best in its segment, but it does offer a good ride experience. The Platinum variant costs ₹ 2000 more than the standard alloy wheel model. At this cost, it undercuts many of its rivals and costs just a shade over the older scooter. Also, grab the latest info on the new bikes, only at autoX.

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