Matt Davies Harmony Communities Looks at The Best Pet Stores in America

Matt Davies Harmony Communities Looks at The Best Pet Stores in America



According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, pets are lovable companions who shower you with unlimited love in exchange for a bit of food and shelter. Whether it’s a dog, fish, cat, bunny, or something else, you try to pamper them with food, love, care, and a lot of toys. Let’s check out the best pet stores in America where you can find supplies to pamper your furry friend.

The Stores

1. Chewy – Whether you have a dog, cat, bird, reptile, or even a farm animal, Chewy is a great one-stop shop for all your needs. They have a huge catalog of fun toys, and functional and aesthetic furniture for your canines and felines and offer them at bargain prices. Apart from that, you can also shop for food and essential medications. They also have a subscription and auto-delivery services that allow you to shop for recurring supplies like dog food and get them delivered to your address every month.

2. Fuzzy – Irrespective of their age, your pet is like your child that deserves to be spoiled. Fuzzy is a great place to buy all kinds of things to spoil your pawed friend. From tasty treats to curated subscription boxes that contain food and accessories or toys to teach your pets new tricks and keep them healthy. Fuzzy also provides an excellent service that’s not offered by any of its competitors.

They offer 24/7 vet access that can be accessed through their website or their mobile app for asking questions about your pet’s health and well-being to qualified and reputable veterinarians. If your pet’s vet is unavailable, you can chat with the vets at Fuzzy to get your queries addressed.

3. Amazon Pts – Amazon has one foot in every industry. That’s why it’s no wonder they cater to your pet’s needs with a dedicated store. While you don’t need a Prime account to access the store, having one certainly helps if you choose to buy pet products from them regularly. They also have excellent features that let you sort by your pet’s needs according to its type, diet, size, breed, and other such filters. They have everything from grooming supplies and toys to food and pet litter.

4. Fable Pets – Fable differentiates itself from other pet stores with its exclusive and innovative offering. Their line of products is aimed at making exercising, feeding, and training your pet a stress-free and fun experience. For instance, they have a product – The Game. It’s part toy and part interactive feeder.

It’s a self-balancing feeder that can be filled up with kibble or treats and your pooch needs to move it around to get access to that food. Even if you leave it empty, your dog or cat would have a fun time playing with the toy and figuring out how it always goes back up after getting knocked down repeatedly.


Matt Davies Harmony Communities suggests that you check out the above-mentioned stores and buy food toys or other products to pamper your pet. Some of these stores have exclusive products while others offer the best deals and endless options.

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