Cross-Promote Your Content: How to Post Your YouTube Videos on Instagram with Automation Tools

YouTube Videos on Instagram with Automation Tools


How to Post a YouTube Video on Instagram as a Post or Story If you have a YouTube channel, sharing videos on the Instagram app is simple.

Instagram videos attract and hold your interest when going through your Instagram feed or the explore tab on your mobile device (iPhone, Android, whatever) in a way that other social media networks cannot. It’s about witnessing a video come to life in the midst of Instagram’s static grid, similar to how eyes move in a painting. The following are some of the benefits of cross-platform promotion:

How to Add a YouTube Video to an Instagram Post or Story Sharing videos on the Instagram app is straightforward if you have a YouTube channel.

Instagram videos may capture and maintain your attention when scrolling through your Instagram feed or the explore tab on your mobile device (iPhone, Android, etc.) in ways that other social media networks cannot. It’s about seeing a video come to life in the middle of Instagram’s static grid, much as how eyes move in a painting. Some of the advantages of cross-platform promotion are as follows:

Transform your videos: Adapting your material for your Instagram profile allows you to extract and spread the most meme-worthy moments in your video.

Make compilations: You may include numerous videos, photos, and a call-to-action in a single Instagram post or story (CTA). Swiping through playlists is more entertaining than clicking on a single YouTube video link.

Promote your channel in other places: A fantastic video teaser will fascinate and acquire fans for your YouTube channel as well as your Instagram account.

If you want to learn how to publish a YouTube video to Instagram, keep reading.

How can I connect Instagram and YouTube?

Video uploads are supported by the majority of social networking networks. YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok all support MP4 video formats, so you may share the same video file across all three platforms.

However, depending on how you publish the video, Instagram allows for varied durations and aspect ratios. Instagram will automatically crop your video to meet its aspect ratio, which may degrade the quality of your video. This is also done by the platform using photographs.

Before hitting the Share button, you may need to conduct some video editing to optimize your video for an Instagram video, reel, or story.

Check out the tips below for step-by-step instructions on how to publish YouTube material to Instagram.

How to Upload YouTube Videos to Instagram

You can publish YouTube videos on Instagram even if you don’t have them on your hard disc, thanks to several good internet tools. (This guide merely explains to you how to accomplish this. You must negotiate authorization with the content’s owners on your own.)

Step 1: Get it from YouTube.

You may use web tools like to download YouTube videos for free by simply copying the YouTube video URL into the text area.

Step 2: Instagram Optimization

Because Instagram employs portrait aspect ratios, you’ll need to clip or compress your video to fit. Instagram will do this for you automatically (Instagram auto post), but the results are rarely satisfactory. It typically has a negative impact on the quality. Most app store video editors will assist you in resizing while maintaining quality.

InVideo Editor is a fantastic online application that allows you to upload, reposition, crop, and distribute in only a few clicks. You may add components like text, transitions, or sound effects to your material.

Step 3: Share on Instagram

Open the Instagram app, then press the + sign in the top right and pick either Post or Story from the pop-up menu. Choose the camera symbol and then click the bottom square to open your camera roll and submit your video.

You may also use your PC to publish movies to Instagram posts (but not stories). Press the + symbol once more. In the pop-up window, drag your video.

If you don’t want to trim your video and want to know how to publish long videos on Instagram, it’s now possible to upload material up to 10 minutes long on Instagram Video (formerly IGTV). Before posting, you should still reformat the file.

How to post youtube video on Instagram?

Reels are videos that you can upload to your Instagram feed using the app’s enhanced editing and networking tools. They’re eye-catching, funny when they work, and brief. They just expanded their maximum length from 60 seconds to 90 seconds. So, for instance, how long can Instagram videos be? Still, it’s just 90 seconds or less, so it’s not as lengthy as Instagram Video. But that’s an extra 30 seconds to play with.

If you have a part of your YouTube video that might be a suitable match, you should publish it there to see how it is received by your fans. Here’s our road map:

Step 1: Begin your reel.

After opening the Instagram app, hit the + sign in the upper right corner and pick Reels.

Step 2: Select your video

By clicking the “camera roll” option at the bottom of the screen, you may add your video to the reel.

Step 3: Finalize your reel.

With the in-app editing suite, you may isolate the segment of your movie that you wish to put into a reel. You may add music, shoot responses, and even modify the replay speed if you like. When you’ve got your fill of fun, click Next.

Step 5: Improve your creation

You may extend your creativity by using music, text, graphics, and effects in your video.

Step 6: Disseminate to the rest of the globe

Finally, you can tag people and share it or save it as a draught if you want to update it later.

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