How To Develop Budget Landing Page

Develop Budget Landing Page


Landing pages are a fundamental element in Google Adwords campaigns and also for positioning or generating leads for local businesses. 

What is the price of a landing page and what features determine your budget?

In the following article, we will review what a landing page is and its importance and what are the characteristics that will influence the final budget you get from your landing page.

What Is A Landing Page?

Landing pages are ultra-simple pages that your users land on and which are specially designed to convert your users into leads or customers. 

The user regularly lands on these pages after performing an organic search, a link sent from an email marketing campaign, or through an advertisement in the search engine.

Once the user follows the link, they will find a page other than the Home page of our store. This additional page goes straight to the point to get the user to perform the action for which that landing page is designed. 

Among the SEO techniques used to attract the attention of the potential client, we find a call to action and the simplicity of its use. 

On landing pages, only the action that we want our visitors to perform is highlighted, so that they are not distracted by other elements. For example, they do not usually have a menu bar and the user generally can only perform a single action.

Why Is Having A Landing Page So Important?

You have to bear in mind that when advertising directs the user to the homepage of a website, this is not effective, since on the home page there will be too many elements: a navigation menu, different sections, images, videos, several calls to action in short. 

There are too many actions that you can carry out so it is likely that none of them is what we are looking for.

However, when the user lands on a landing page, he can only carry out 2 actions: close the navigation window or carry out the action for which the landing page has been designed and which can be from signing up for a newsletter, buy a product, fill out a form, etc.

Factors Influencing The Landing Page Budget

Before asking for a landing page budget, you must first understand what are the different factors that influence that budget so that it does not take you by surprise. The final price of the budget depends on these factors.

Ask for a budget locally but also look outside your city. If, for example, you live in Ourense, the most obvious thing would be to do a search such as a web design company in Dubai.

But you can also search for “best web design company”, “recommended web design companies” or any other type of search that will return results outside your geographic area.

Campaign Dimension

The size of the campaign you have to carry out determines the budget for your landing page. The first thing you should be clear about when defining the dimension of the campaign is precisely what you want to cover with it. 

For example, if you have an Off Page SEO Community website that has different areas of action or several locations, you need to dedicate a page-oriented to the location to which you want to give more popularity or where the promotion is offered.

Design Level

The design of your landing page is the factor that can make the budget vary the most. To make your design, you have to ask yourself what elements do you want to show in it? 

What details and degrees do you want to include? Do you need multimedia elements? Will you use templates or do you want a custom design? 

Given that there are many variants to consider for the design of the landing page and the degree of experience of the person who makes it, the price of your final product will be one or the other.

To have a good design on your landing page you should consider:

  • A responsive design. This means that your landing page must be able to load from any device and quickly.
  • Optimal usability with clear calls to action and a truly attractive product or service.

How Much Content Do You Have To Include?

The number of words you want to include on your landing page is also a determining factor in your budget. 

The length of the landing page will be determined by its number of words and this in turn is usually determined by the value of the element that we want to sell on it. 

Generally, if the product has a low value, we do not need to create an extensive landing page and something more concise and direct will serve us. 

However, if we want to convince someone to make a large investment, for example, an online course of more than 5000 euros, a short text is not enough. 

We will need many elements that appeal to their emotions, testimonials, and a long and detailed sales page that clears any doubts that the user may have regarding whether buying our product is a good decision.

How Much Does A Landing Page Cost?

There are two types of landing page quotes and they respond to whether you create it yourself through a template platform or if you hire a web design professional. 

Your choice between one and the other also depends on what you are looking for and the quality you want to achieve. In addition, it will also depend on the medium or platform that we use to carry it out.

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