9apps- A New Feather in Play Stores Cap

9apps- A New Feather in Play Stores Cap


A glance at 9apps will showcase the fact that it is owned by Alibaba group and all over the world has around 100 million users. In countries like India it has gone on to gain immense popularity. Though the market for it developed in 2013, in a short span of time it has evoked immense response. A notable feature of this app is that it is small and occupies only 4 MB space that is not going to consume a lot of space on your device.  The purpose of developing this app was an alternative to Google play store and providing android based applications free of cost. In case of Google play store you have to pay some money in order to download certain apps, but 9apps Apk provides it free of cost.

The design of the app has taken place in a user friendly way. There are divided into section like music, movies etc. The same has been done to enable an easy search to the process of downloading games along with apps. The moment you analyse the functioning of the app you are going to figure out on how easy it is. But to download it on your Android phone you need a version of 4 or above an android operating system. Though it can be downloaded in lower versions but for its smooth working there are numerous compatible issues.

Features of 9apps

Before you are planning to download 9apps you need to educate yourself about the features of this app

  • This app is incredibly user friendly. As the app is divided into separate sections , it becomes easy to look for the app that you are looking to download
  • For the people of India this is a highly optimized app. For people of the South east Asia this app is to be tried as they have been designed keeping their interest in mind
  • This app is light in weight. Of your Android space it occupies only 3.4 MB. But being lightweight does not mean you are going to face technical glitches. The lower app size means that the applications are going to download faster.
  • This is one of the best Android third party apps. Even though there are lot of third party apps in the market, but this one is rated to be the best
  • A remarkable feature of this app is that even being a 3rd party app it is free from virus or any form of malware. Against any malicious content the rules of the app are fairly strict
  • Any application or services of this app is free of cost. From the store you do not have to spend a single penny in order to download any applications. A lot of people feel that free means that you are not going to avail a lot of facilities but with 9apps that does not seem to be the case. In fact you are going to obtain extra features you might love.

These are some of the outstanding features of 9apps.

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