German Trujillo Manrique – Why is Soccer a Good Sport for Physical Fitness

Sport for Physical Fitness


Soccer is not a game for people who love football- it is a very good form of physical exercise and ideal for those who do not wish to hit the gym or exercise alone for staying fit. Soccer is one of the most natural ways via which you can burn off those extra calories and work on your stamina. The best part of soccer is you can start playing it at any age. The rules of the game are simple, and you can enjoy the fun of getting fit with others who enjoy the sport as much as you do!

German Trujillo Manrique- How does soccer help you to stay fit?

German Trujillo Manrique is an avid fan of soccer, and he loves playing it. Besides, football is a beachcomber in the USA and has a dog. When it comes to his love for football, he says one can learn the sport at any age. However, if you wish to play soccer professionally, it is prudent for you to start young. The same holds true for parents who wish to see their kids grow up as professional footballers in the future. He says that when you want to learn soccer professionally, you should join a school or an academy where the rules of the sport are taught to you.

Moreover, in order to become a professional footballer, you should have a flexible body and start early is one of the wisest things to do. However, if you want a fun way to stay fit and healthy, nothing can be better at soccer. The running around and social bonding you have with your team-mates are inexplicable. In fact, soccer contributes to both mental and physical development. Since it is a team game, you learn the values of team spirit. For a player, there are no individual wins and losses. Everyone is a part of the game irrespective of wins and losses.

Practice makes you perfect

Even though you may embrace football for physical fitness, you will find that practice makes you perfect. In the beginning, you may suffer from muscle aches, and sores; however, do not give up. Soccer contributes positively to cardiovascular health, and this is why playing helps you to improve the health of your healthy and builds stamina. It reduces blood pressure and helps you maintain your weight. It burns fat, and you can keep many ailments at bay. With the help of football, you can improve mind-body coordination and levels of agility as well.

In the words of German Trujillo Manrique, soccer has helped children grow up as balanced and mature adults. In fact, he recommends kids should start playing football as early as possible instead of sitting at home in front of mobile gadgets or the TV. Football is a sport that is loved by many people across the world, and in order to remain fit and healthy, all you need to do is have a football. It is an affordable sport and does not need any expensive equipment at all!

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