5 Important Tips to Avoid Drunk Driving

5 Important Tips to Avoid Drunk Driving


Everybody knows that drunk driving is a serious offense, it can have penalties ranging from 6 months to five years depending on the level of alcohol content found in your body at that time. It can even go as far as being imprisoned. You do not want to be in those kinds of situations.

Fortunately for you, there are ways you can avoid drink driving so that you will not have to face any consequences in the future.

Don’t drink on an empty stomach

It is a scientific fact that alcohol is absorbed by the body slowly when you have a full stomach. Alcohol will go directly go to the bloodstream if you’re hungry and dehydrated resulting in you easily getting drunk. The advice is, have a good meal before having a drink this will help you avoid getting drunk quickly. Try eating protein-rich food, fats and dense carbs like meat, cheese or yogurt. Drinking water also helps especially before and after.

Spend the night

Though this will not work all the time, especially if you’re in a bar. But this becomes effective if the party is at your friend’s house and you got yourself drunk. Simply ask a friend if you can crash on their couch or catch a ride home with someone and sleep on whatever they can offer. If you’re blackout drunk do not sleep right away, the worst case scenario is you might choke on your vomit. To be safe, go to the hospital instead, alcohol poisoning can get serious.

Give someone your keys

Look for someone whom you trust and who isn’t drinking and hand them over your keys for the rest of the night. Ask them to never give it back to you until they are sure that you’re okay to drive. Any effect, no matter how small, to your speech, movement and coordination mean your alcohol blood level is still high enough for you to get convicted. Getting very clumsy, running at things and dropping various objects is a good sign that you still have too much alcohol on you.

Call a cab

If you badly want to sleep in your bed without any risk of getting charged with drunk driving, then the best option is to simply call a cab. This is the easiest and the safest option to have. Just make sure you get your car the next morning

Take the night off from drinking

By far the most practical option you can make. Have the courage to resist temptation and be your own designated driver for tonight, then stick to a no-drinking plan. Explain to your friends how you want to sober it out for the night or you can also make an arrangement with them, such as being their designated driver for this night and have your time to get drunk the next night. You can always take a turn. But if you feel like you’re missing out a lot of fun, make yourself a drink that’s light enough to handle and never let yourself get drunk in the end.

After all, drunk driving can always happen no matter how careful we do. But it always pays to consider these tips to make you safe. In case you get a charge, make sure to seek help from a drink driving solicitor for you to be legally guided.

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