Five Tips to Enhance Your University Paper Writing

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Tip 1 – Write over and over again

How can you write better? Corinne Durand Degranges, Jeanne d’Arc college director (84), answers with no hesitation. While it is true that reading is important for improving writing skills, she insists that writing is the most important thing to do to make your words stand apart. Write yes. But how? Write what makes you happy. It is important to get out the pen. She regretted that so many students are afraid to write the wrong thing.

Another tip is to read your text aloud. This will allow you to see any errors. The teacher says, “It’s ideal to have an audience in order to identify areas that need improvement.”

Tip 2: Think before you write

Before you start writing, think about the content that you would like to create. Ask yourself these questions: “What’s my message?” How can I best express it? If you’re telling a story, scroll through it in your head.

You can either use a diagram or a small presentation with the names and addresses of the protagonists to represent it. French teacher advises against writing stories without knowing the ending.

Francoise Bedoucha, a college professor of letters insists that her comments be well-structured. All writing requires a rough draft.Ask yourself if it is possible to understand what you are writing. Francoise Bedoucha suggests that you let your writing flow, in class and at home. If you return to your writing with a relaxed mind, the errors will be apparent.

Tip 3: Learn from others

Learning from other work is always a good thing. However, this could lead you to plagiarism. Online paraphrasing tools can save your life.

This is not the only solution, once you get used to doing paraphrasing properly you may not need every time you take things from other, however, the writer should have a strong grip on rephrasing texts from various authors in a way that you could change it in your writing and styles.

Tip 4 – Keep it simple

Keep sentences short. Corinne Durand insists that sentences should not exceed two lines for the same sentence. It is better to alternate between short and long sequences. To punctuate your words, use non-verbal sentences.Avoid the blah-blah. The teacher will be annoyed if a student doesn’t know what to say or hides it behind empty words. Be simple and precise in your vocabulary. To avoid confusion, don’t use terms that you don’t know. Use synonyms to avoid repetitionsAlso pay attention to punctuation; it can change the meaning of a sentence. Corinne Durand degranges states that the written style is more powerful than the oral. Francoise Bedoucha advises her students to work in multiple stages. You first need to take care of the substance and then you can work on the form.

Tip 5: Keep it clean

Writing well is about writing clearly and concisely. If we are embarrassed to read the text, it’s difficult for us to attach to the substance. Francoise Bedoucha explained that we can feel that a thought doesn’t have a well-structured structure simply because it is difficult to understand.This is the only way you can avoid this problem. Take care of the presentation. Go for sobriety. Tipp-Ex can be used in many colors such as pink, purple or tons. It’s not common for people to appreciate this.

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