Are Wider Mountain Bike Handlebars Better

Are Wider Mountain Bike Handlebars Better


You may need 800-millimeter handlebars to run a 60-horsepower off-road MTB. But a few riders require that leverage to manage their bikes that weigh only one-fourth compared to their body weight. The wider handlebars play many crucial roles, such as adapting much slacker head angles and lengthening reach. best kid friendly attractions in spain .

Here, we’re not going to make sure of any handlebar on the market as the best MTB handlebars that you should use. This is an attempt to frame the equation of the handlebar-width, which explains why wider handlebars are beneficial. So, continue reading the entire article to know more about wider handlebars.

Are Wider Handlebars Better?

It is undoubtedly right that wider mountain bike handlebars are excellent for developing the handling of your MTB with both uphill and downhill capabilities. These handlebars can also enhance your bike’s performance on the tough terrain. A query arises among mountain bike riders why wider handlebars are better. They have some factors that help improve the acceptance for those riders.

Provide a Better Riding Position 

When you grip wider handlebars, they will allow you to be in a better position to control the bike, which narrower handlebars can hardly do. It happens when you’re paddling intensely without sitting on the seat to climb uphill. You can keep the bike straight using only your hands.

Look Better

If you have an Enduro Mountain Bike that comes with the narrower handlebars instead of having wider ones, it’s almost definite that you won’t be attractive to that. That’s because manufacturers give the looks a significant priority. For example, due to fashion and trends, the 750 mm wide handlebars are now popular among MTB riders.

Improves the Uphill and Downhill Capabilities

When you’re trying to go uphill on an MTB that has a narrow handlebar, it will make you exhausted quickly. That’s because wider handlebars enhance uphill climbing capabilities so that you can open up your chest to breathe better. Besides, you have to push down the handlebars when you’re going downhill. Wide handlebars provide you with a lot more pushing capability compared to a narrow handlebar.

Helps Save Your Energy While Riding

Wider handlebars can reduce fatigue by conserving a lot of energy when you’re riding on tough terrain. They allow you to feel less tired to go over long distances. You can keep the mountain bike from shaking, using the amount of strength you absorb.

Reduces the Risk of Injuries 

If you ride on a mountain bike with wide handlebars, your body strengthening different types of muscles, including shoulder, chest, torso, and more. Therefore, you can stay away from the chance of severe injuries. You will feel less stress on your shoulder due to using wider handlebars.


There are a lot of reasons to choose wider handlebars for your mountain bike. These handlebars provide you with extra control over rough terrain. Therefore, you can ride on your MTB with plenty of confidence and support. However, if you particularly want to ride in areas with lots of tight singletracks, then it might be worth choosing wide handlebars such as 700 to 720 mm.

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