Ali Ata – How Can Sports Make Your Child Better and Smarter

Sports Make Your Child Better and Smarter


If you have a child or children at home, make sure they do not get hooked to technology at a young age. Most kids today, like to be in front of the television or computer. They prefer to play games on their parents smartphone. They hardly go outside and often spend most of their time sitting in one corner of their room engrossed with some TV program or computer game. Now, as a parent, do you think this is healthy, of course not!

Ali Ata – Introduce your kid to sports

Ali Ata is an esteemed Faculty of English well known for his teaching and writing skills. He has written a number of academic publications. He is an assistant professor at The American University of The Middle East in Kuwait. He says that parents should take the first step when it comes to introducing kids to the joys of sport. Any sport helps in the physical and mental development of the child.

Instill discipline in your child with sports

Every sport has rules and regulations that players should follow. If any of these rules are broken players are imposed fines. When it comes to playing a game, a child will learn to obey the orders of the coach and team. He/she will learn the values of discipline and respect early in life. They carry back the virtues of obedience and discipline home and rarely are problematic. They are able to focus better and do well at academics too over those children that do not play sports at all!

Make your child fit and strong

Sports make the child physically active as there is a lot of exercising and movement involved. In this way, you will introduce your child to a healthy lifestyle that goes the extra mile in life. Your child will get into the habit of exercising and staying fit. This keeps obesity at bay and other health issues and complications at bay.

Improve social skills of your child

Sports is always a team game, and so your child will be playing with other children. If you compare those kids who do not play sports to those that do, you will find the former like to stay alone and often hardly have friends. However, those kids that play sports are very friendly and accommodating. They love to be in groups and have good interpersonal skills.

Help your child develop into a healthy and fit individual

With daily sports practice, you gradually will find your child transforming into a healthy and fit adult. Your child will enjoy playing with other kids of his or her age. Though schools and colleges encourage sports for children, parents should support them too.

Ali Ata sums up by saying that if your kids are not into any kind of sports, it is never too late to start. You will do your child big favor by introducing him or her to sports at an early age. There are sports clubs in the locality as well as the school where your child can join. In this way, your child develops into a healthy and happy adult with success!

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