FIFA 20 – The Next-Gen Soccer Video Game to Experience

FIFA 20 - The Next-Gen Soccer Video Game to Experience


If you live in North America, the chances are that unless you are a die-hard ‘soccer’ fan most specifically in Europe, then as every PES fan knows, the football season starts in August, but you only get to play out your footy fantasies come 10th September, when the latest and greatest version of PES hits the video game shop shelves.

History of the eFootball PES 2020:

It all started way back when Goal Storm was released on the PlayStation. Since then, PES has moved through more than two, but not a lot of common ways of putting names on things and the latest update eFootball PES 2020 download now. It will go head to head as it has for the past 16 years with Electronic Arts EA and their masterpiece – FIFA 20. There are only these two games fighting for gamers’ hard cash every year and if anything that makes the competition even more strong and scary.

You see the two games have fought it out year on year and this year PES stands a chance of getting back to the top of the pile. It has been getting old behind for the past 5 or 6 years, due in part to satisfaction while ignoring threats, but also the new interest or popularity and completely brilliance of FIFA.

FIFA gameplay advantages :

Well, the trade-off in the licensing situation has always been overcome by the extreme beauty of playing PES – it is a game for footy fans. The actual gameplay has always more closely mirrored the real game, whereas FIFA has usually suffered in this area. Playing PES in the first few years was always total fun, games were high scoring, but varied, FIFA always felt staged and the ball never seemed to behave like a real football, feeling much too floaty. By comparison, PES footballs have always weighted them and challenges between players have felt meaty. To have a rehearsal and enjoy the game click here now.

Mostly they have succeeded, but the line has been blurred between the two games over the last few years. FIFA has now moved very close to matching the whole belief system of PES, some say their gameplay is better, click here now to download the game and start exploring the world of games.

Konami has cheered up their fans in previous years by securing licence rights to the England National team, two Premier League teams and different other leagues and players around Europe and the world. This has helped, but give me a fake named Man Red Manchester united and quality gameplay any day over the FIFA version of football. At the end of the day, we all buy football computer games and FIFA now does it well, but PES does it better and we are just hoping that the next instalment of eFootball PES 2020 download will again give me that option to take the mighty Derby County to related to Europe Glory!

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