What You Need to Get the 485 VISA

You Need to Get the 485 VISA


International students studying in Australia can now live, work, and travel around Australia after graduating thanks to the 485 program. This post-study visa program was initiated by the Australian government specifically to enable nonnative students to apply and advance the skills earned through the graduate degree.  The program also helps to improve the quality of employees produced by Australian universities.

What Should You Have to Get the 485 Visa?

Those applying for the 485 program should meet the minimal applicant requirements as outlined here.

  • You should be a student who studied in Australia but not more than 50 years of age. You ought to have had other subclass visas like 574, 573, 572, 570, and 500. You should as well be holding a substantive visa, bridging visa A or Bridging visa B.
  • You should have graduated successfully from a Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Course for Overseas Students-registered doctorate, masters or degree.
  • You should meet the 485 insurance cover rules.
  • You should submit the 485 application six months before you complete the course. It is best you submit the application a few days after your selected educational center announces publicly that you have met the requirements to be awarded a diploma, trade qualification or degree.
  • The course you undertook should have been instructed in English and completed in not less than 16 months.

How Long Can You Live in Australia with 485 Visa?

Once you have applied for the 485 program, your visa would be approved within 2 to 4 months. The Graduate Work Stream visa has grant duration of 19 months while the Post-study Work Stream visa can last you in Australia for up to 4 years. It’s the perfect way to help you live longer in Australia to boost your eligibility for the provisional or permanent skilled visa.

What Rights Do you get When Approved for the 485 program?

The 485 program isn’t made for overseas students who have already got themselves a job alone. Even those students who graduated but not yet employed can apply for this program. Those approved for the program have the rights to work in any establishment within Australia they qualify for, travel anywhere within Australia as well as live anywhere in Australia.

How To Apply for the 485 Visa?

You can visit Australia’s immigrant offices to apply for this program or conveniently do it online. To have a successful application, you have to compare multiple providers for the 485 visa and then choose one who offers the best rates. Some providers charge a bit higher than others so by comparing, you will get one who offers the best market rates.


Wondering where to start your application for the 485 program, https://485insurance.com.au is top-notch visa provider known all over Australia. You can visit their website to compare several visa providers to choose the best. Before you start the application process, you should ensure you meet the set requirements. Make sure you get the right visa provider as well for your application process to be a success.

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