Top Rated Places to Taste Local Food Served in Memphis Food Centers

Top Rated Places to Taste Local Food Served in Memphis Food Centers


To choose the right place to enjoy the culinary skills of Memphis’s chef is indeed the most confusing part as the city has a lot of foodie joints. You can see lot of barbeque joints on the streets serving luring side dishes along with the main grilled main course of platters at reasonable price.

To taste the food provided at the best restaurants in Memphis among the many present, you need to follow few tips posted by earlier visitors to this beautiful city.

Here are few of the worthwhile foodie joints to visit while in Memphis:

  • The Pancake Shop for healthy breakfast: The food joint is located in the Eastern side of Memphis that is open whole day and night. They have ample dishes listed on their evergreen menu that has never changed since few decades. You can relish on the ham steak cooked using local ingredients, Grit topped with shrimp and cheese (a staple food of the region) or choose from number of pan cakes readily available at all hours. You can order combo and avail discounts at the peak season of tourism.
  • Brother Juniper’s: If you prefer to have continental breakfast, this place in Eastern Memphis is the right place for you. You need to arrive early before it becomes crowded to eat the Greek cuisine items like Spanakopita omelet or the lamb omelet.
  • Republic coffee: if you are a caffeine seeker, make sure to visit this place to enjoy coffee made of freshly roasted and grinded coffee seeds. There you can choose from varied coffee kinds served along with sandwiches and snacks listed on the menu. You can enjoy ice dark coffee in the hot days along with special chicken sandwich known as the King. You can also meet local artists and musicians here. You see their work on the walls of the coffee shop.
  • Huey’s, a burger center: You can relish on tasty and good size burger in this place along with fries and dill pickle, a specialty of this place. Since decades, it is well known for fluffy buns, cheese and different kind of topping sauces for sale.
  • Kwic Chek: Located in Midtown another place to lick your hands while eating bibimbap burger along with cook coke or local fruit drinks.
  • Three Little Pigs: Here you get to taste barbeque sandwich stuffed with various versions of preparation of pork along with melted cheese, molasses, tomato-based sauce and with Cole slaw.
  • The Bar – B- Q shop: You can enjoy both smoked dried or wet ribs, a special local dish as the dry kind is lumped with sugar, salt and spices instead of dipping in sauce. Wet ribs are quite popular as it is smudged in vinegar before seasoning and served hot with tasty sauce.
  • Muddy’s bake shop: If you are fan of cup cakes than this is the right place to taste moist and icing freshly baked cup cakes just out of the oven. The shop lists many types of cup cakes. The most liked ones are the chocolate cake fully topped with chocolate butter cream icing sprinkled with chocolate powder.

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