Should You Buy Newly Built Or A Used Home?

Should You Buy Newly Built Or A Used Home


The question that potential buyers ask themselves a lot is whether to buy used or newly built when it comes to home ownership. Both choices have their merits, but the not so ideal financial situation floods the market with distressed and foreclosed properties. While these properties are acceptable choices, they have nothing to compare with against the advantages and benefits that a new house can offer its future owners. Read on below and look for yourself.

A New House Is Tailor-Made For The Owner

Buying a used or foreclosed property will never give you the customization options that new homeowners usually crave. Being already built, purchasing a used house is akin to buying other persons dream or version of his palace. As opposed to buying a new and, the owner can have it customized according to his specification. Most builders actually encourage future owners to participate and give their inputs in the process of building and designing their property, allowing infinite customization choices. One can decide where the bathroom should be, or what color the tiles and carpet would be best for his or her kid. The selling point really is customization, a way of putting your trademark into your house, whether in its design or in its interior spaces.

No Wear And Tear

 When you buy a used property, you would be lucky if you find one that the previous owner did maintenance of, much less have a record of it. Not knowing what has been done means that you have to cover all the basic repairs, even if it still looks okay at the onset because what the previous owner says might not be entirely true just to get the property off of their hands. This leaves you with just repairing everything just to be sure. You will not have this kind of problem with a brand new home. A newly built house will even have warranty coverage in its roofing and structural integrity. If properly maintained, a new home would not need major repairs years into the future. In addition, because of newer building materials and stricter building codes, a newer home would actually hold up so much better than its predecessors.

Efficiency Translates To Savings

A new house might cost more than a resale up front, but it will save you money in the long run. Tighter seals resulting from more efficient insulation will ensure that cooling systems will run at peak efficiency. Professionally installed insulation will make sure that little heat escapes during those cold months and in the same manner, cooler air will be trapped inside during the summer months. This will immediately translate to less power utility bills for your home. Aside from that, there are also other modern ways of construction that add up to the efficiency of the house’s ability to keep a constant temperature. Double and even triple paned windows also help regulate the house temperature without machinery. In addition, modern appliances that gets built into the house also has modern features that save even more on power usage, and these all get bundled up along with your new home.

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