Proofs for Werner Boehm’s fraudulent allegations and spreading fake news

fraudulent allegations and spreading fake news


Werner Boehm along with his two partners Alfred and Elfried is doing many illegal activities like online fraudulent activities.  In 2016, the company he has been looking for which is called as BitRush too action against him by terminating. It was a cryptocurrency company and was under the Canadian stock exchange. He started connecting its stock members and looted their money. After checking the reports, he was sacked out of the company. But it is said that still he works with his partners and continuing his fraudulent actions as he is the CEO of many other companies.

Werner’s attack using digital media

Werner Boehm opened a website and started publishing fake news about the shareholders for blackmailing and getting money from them. Following are the things he did one by one to degrade other’s popularity and earn money by blackmailing.

  • News portal: Initially a news portal was decided by Werner Boehm to launch in order to attack Uwe Lenhoff. The messages can be seen on many websites where Uwe Lenhoff makes a partnership with Ilan Tzorya where they were asked to pay money in order to remove the fake articles published. Ilan paid money to Alfred and Werner and then the articles are removed.
  • Dealing with online digital media: Werner deals all these conversations using chat message from mobile phones. It is mentioned clearly that the message and money transactions happened between Uwe, Ilan, and Werner. The money details of 20,000 European Dollars have been sent by Ilan to Alfred and Werner that can be proved by the banking transaction e-receipt. These crimes are exposed by a website called Expose crimes.

The blackmailing using fake documents were published by Werner in order to threaten them so that they can earn more money. According to his plan, Ilan paid the money and it is said that he is helping Alfred and Werner to blackmail other people to earn money.

Slides on the Internet

The slides of his conversation to loot the money were published on the web and the people are now aware of the messages he sends is truly absurd. It seems Ilan Tzorya is doing much illegal business in various parts of Europe. He is working with Alfred and Werner Boehm by various criminal activities. Some of the fraudulent business includes money laundering, illegal betting, and gambling in parts of Europe and Israel, money transfer, and making binary brands out of these two nations.

After Werner’s connection with Ilan, an enterprise was operated by both. This criminal enterprise is said to be operated by the mafia gangs of countries like Israel, Bulgaria, and Romania. A fake website called fintelegram was created where they publish fake posts and articles about various rich people and shareholders to blackmail money. It is a fake news portal which was extorted by many European and UK media. From fake publishing, you can clearly understand that they are fooling the people but actually failed.

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