Know Best Credit Card with Travel Insurance

Know Best Credit Card with Travel Insurance


Are you looking for a credit card with complimentary travel insurance? If your answer is yes, then don’t go further from OCBC World MasterCard. It comes with features you are looking for i.e. complimentary travel insurance. Don’t lose this opportunity to enjoy free and personal accident insurance coverage, which is up to RM2 million. When you are booking tickets for a flight, you can charge the whole things to your OCBC card, and enjoy free and inclusive travel insurance policy.

In addition to it, there are also many other features of the OCBC World MasterCard you will love it for sure. So, let’s explore its other features:

  • Rebates

You can earn 1.2% cashback on all your retail spends done with OCBC World MasterCard when you made a minimum of RM1000 purchases on a monthly basis.

Amazingly, you get rebates into your account automatically, and it reflects in the statements of your credit card that you get at the end of the month.

  • Annual Fees

Fortunately, OCBC World MasterCard comes with no annual fees for the first three years. After the first three years, you will charge with RM388 for your principal card and RM188 for your supplementary card. It also includes GST fees.

  • No Cap on Rebates

It does not matter how much you spend, you will still get a rebate, with completely no cap on the rebate. You will get rewards for all retail purchases, such as dining, entertainment, traveling, shopping, and many more.

These are the other features of OCBC World MasterCard apart from complimentary travel insurance. To avail of all these features, all you have to do is to apply for it. But, you should be 21 years old to apply for it, and your minimum annual income should be RM100, 000. If you meet its eligibility criteria, then you can easily apply and get OCBC World MaterCard. Before you apply for the OCBC MaterCard, you should also know its benefits.

  • Concierge Services for 24-hours:

You will get access to its personalized service, which gives you answers to your all queries related to travel, and various events. It will make reservations at restaurants for you, book tickets to events, and much more. Call 1800-80-6429 to reach its concierge service anytime you want.

  • Interest-free Period

For maximum 20-days after you have made a retail purchase, the amount you have spent won’t begin to collect interest and all credits go to this credit card interest-free period benefit.  Making purchases from contributing merchants will allow an interest-free installment plan.

  • Bill Payment

OCBC World MasterCard offers you the convenience to have your service and utility bills paid via monthly debit of your OCBC credit card automatically.

That’s all on OCBC World MasterCard benefits and its features. It is a credit card with complimentary travel insurance and other features that can be very beneficial for you to save a few bucks. Don’t waste your time anymore, and apply for it now by visiting OCBC Personal Banking official site!!

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