How CBD Lotion Works In Chronic Pain Relief?

How CBD Lotion Works In Chronic Pain Relief?


If medical marijuana use is legal in your state then it is easy to take advantage of the cannabinoids packed in the form of balms, salves or lotions. CBD muscle cream can help to relieve pain from arthritis or soreness due to intense workout or muscle spasm because of sprained ankle. Such painful symptoms cannot be ignored and can damage your life quality.

Many ignore them because they think it will go away soon but unfortunately it doesn’t. Many take pain killers, which reduces soreness but as soon as the effect of the chemical drug wears down inflammation returns. Habit forming drugs can be damaging to other internal organs overtime.

Use of CBD lotion is a simple way to manage pain or its symptoms. As cannabis products are associated with a stigma it is hard for many people to switch to cannabidiol cream. There are several small studies conducted on the medicinal use of CBD topical on animals suffering from neuropathic pain and inflammation.

Currently, due to community acceptance of cannabis benefits in pain relief has forced the government to rethink about the US laws associated with medical marijuana. According to WHO or World Health Organization, CBD oil is not psychoactive and is totally free from causing the high.

How CBD cream or lotion work?

Rub the CBD cream on part that experiences pain and inflammation. The cannabinoid penetrates the dermis and blends with CB1 & CB2 receptors, which are present in your skin. The skin has an endocannabinoid system, which conveys natural signals to the brain. They identify and regulate memory, hunger, mood, and pain. The cannabidiol from the cream binds with CB receptors increasing its natural levels. The CB receptors are responsible for relieving pain, so the painful area start to feel great as soon as the CBD cream gets applied on the pained portion.

CBD cream for relief in chronic pain condition

Arthritis inflammation

CBD cream only works on specific parts. It does not get absorbed in the blood stream, so you don’t experience total body relief. Therefore, it can be used in joint pain relief, which is connected with inflammation.

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, so the swelling in the joints get smoothened. Consistent pain in joints due to arthritis can hamper your ability to move but as the inflammation goes away, you can move freely.

Muscle soreness

Bodybuilders or athletes damage small tears in muscle tissue during intense strength training routines. After a tough workout the body feels sore and painful. The torn tissues gets repaired naturally but to minimize inflammation CBD cream is helpful. It does not hinder healing process but soreness gets dampened. You are able to do your intense workout the next day because of absence of pain.

In this manner, muscle building routine gets enhanced more than you expected. TrpV1 are body receptors that control body temperature. As soon as they get triggered, they extinguish the heat and calm down the pain receptors. It is for this reason that injured muscles feel warm than other muscles.

Relief from fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia sufferers report back and neck pain. Nerve damages can irritate the connective tissues around muscles causing pain and inflammation. CBD cream reduces localized muscle area pain.

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