Brief note on credit card travel insurance

Brief note on credit card travel insurance


As we know that smart cards are ruling the world essentially in all the aspects in order to determine the popular necessity of credit cards. For everything you will be provided with an assurance. Similarly credit cards are provided with insurance as one of the salient feature where it is inculcated with rewards and in short reward points in case of travelling mode. For travelling, a credit card is quite beneficial as it is provided with travel insurance police especially during the travel in domestic or international purpose. This is sometimes referred as a term of credit card with complimentary travel insurance. 

  • It basically covers different segments of needs during travelling. It includes;
  • Medicinal purposes while you are hospitalized during your stay in travel concern like expenses of doctor fees and all.
  • If you lost your entire luggage or you might have faced damage in your luggage covers related to any property documents.
  • If you suddenly want to quit your travel unexpectedly, this insurance is quite helpful.

The above discussed situations rely effectively when you desirably accept all their terms and conditions specified clearly. Hence before signing the agreement make sure whether this insurance covers especially legal liability cover and all your specific needs when you desire to travel.

Let’s discuss on the advantages and disadvantages for credit card with complimentary travel insurance;


  • It is very reliable insurance and is quite extra ordinary especially for travel lovers those who travel frequently.
  • The resided policies in this insurance objective provide you the specific requirements along with discount offers and benefits with a package.
  • Moreover there a plenty of options are assisted with this smart credit card insurance policy where you can enjoy and utilize it properly with the time you need during emergency.
  • There are also number of policies which benefits your spouse and your children along with you during your travel.
  • There is an option of covering insurance for older travelers also respective to their age factor by these policies issued by banks but with a high premium charges.
  • In terms of international or worldwide travelling you will be provided with an annual fee credit card in this category of standalone travel policies only.


  • Even though the insurance in travelling as a complimentary basis is termed as a premium feature but its offerings will be quite higher in its interest rates and per annual fee charges also differs in higher costs only.
  • Some banks issues credit cards for only international and domestic trips only, so before going for a travel you need to check with whether the coverage of travel suits the terms and conditions of this policy or not.
  • Travel insurance is necessarily needs to be activated regularly as it is varied in different ways. So you are essentially go through with checks of your activation of cards in a certain period of time is mandatory. This can be covered only while you are travelling, you might have to pay for all of your flights, accommodation etc by using this policy issued credit card only. But remember one thing this policy cannot pay money in terms of adventures, trekking and water spoofing etc during travelling part as a reason. Bank will not pay for that.

Conclusion: Even though these credit card travel insurance policies will hold up to a particular length of certain days like 1 month or 3 months schedule package only in terms of travelling. If you want to check whether the travel insurance covers your entire trip or not, then you need to check PDS. The most added advantage is, these policies will definitely help you during health related issues encountered during travelling perspective.

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